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How Long Can Clothes Sit in the Washer?

Most homeowners and renters wont be surprised that washing machines are one of the most widely owned home appliances worldwide, despite how much our washing machines help us. From weekly laundry loads to daily mishaps that need an instant wash, we consistently rely on our washing machines. While you might consider yourself a laundry expert, people often unknowingly make small mistakes in the laundry journey, making the process less effective.

Despite how much we use our washing machines, there are major misconceptions about how long your clothes can sit in the washer without becoming damaged. Though it might seem like a minor detail, there are many downsides to letting your laundry sit in the washer for extended periods. But how long can clothes sit in washer units, and why should you pay attention to this detail? This article will cover what you need to know about how long your clothes can stay in the washer and the downsides you can avoid by staying on top of your laundry.

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How Long Can Clothes Sit in Washer Machines?

Generally speaking, the less time your clothes sit in the washer after being washed, the better. There’s no strict number for how long your clothes can remain in the machine--however, the general consensus is that your clothes can spend eight to twelve hours in a washing machine.

What are the Downsides of Letting Your Wet Clothes Sit in the Washer?

So your clothes are washed–what’s the big deal if you let them sit in the washing machine for a while? There are several potential downsides to letting wet garments sit in the washing machine for a long time. Here are some of the most notable issues you’ll encounter when you delay drying your clothes.

Leaving Wet Clothes in the Washer Can Cause Bacteria and Mildew to Grow

The biggest downside of leaving your clothes in the washing machine for more than eight to twelve hours is that, after this period, there’s a greater chance that bacteria, mold, and mildew will grow. This isn’t just an unpleasant visual–there are potential health risks that can occur with too much mold and mildew exposure can cause health issues for some people, such as individuals that already struggle with asthma. You might also experience symptoms of an allergic reaction if mold or mildew grows. Simply put, this is a problem you want to avoid–and you can if you don’t wait too long to dry your clothes.

Leaving Your Clothes in the Washer Leaves a Bad Smell

One of the last things you want is for your clothes to smell bad–which happens if you leave them in the washer for too long. Leaving your clothes in the washer for more than eight to twelve hours creates a musty smell because of the bacteria and mildew that begin to form.

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Leaving Your Clothes in the Washing Machine Means You Have to Re-Wash Them

If you leave your clothes in the washer too long and they begin to smell, you’ll have to wash them all over again. Re-washing your clothes can cause a significant delay in your day and be a massive headache when you need clean clothes as soon as possible. By drying your clothes promptly after you finish washing them, you can save yourself from stress.

Additionally, you’ll have to take additional steps when re-washing clothes that have built up bacteria and mildew. When you can’t get the smell out completely, take the following steps:

1. Place your clothes in the washing machine and separate the wet garments from each other so they are not stuck together during the washing cycle.
2. Use a detergent when re-washing your clothes, and set the water to the hottest level it can be without damaging the clothing.
3. Consider including bleach or white vinegar to eliminate the odor completely and any remaining bacteria.

Can I Leave My Dirty Clothes in the Washer?

So you can’t leave your clean clothes in the washing machine for more than eight to twelve hours. While this might be fine with you, many people wonder if they can instead use their washing machine to store dirty clothes before they do laundry instead of keeping them in a hamper.

It might seem like a convenient trick, but there are also downsides to leaving your dirty clothes in the washing machine, meaning it’s best to avoid this practice altogether. But why can’t you leave your dirty clothes in the washing machine? The following are some of the biggest reasons:

• Leaving your dirty clothes in the washing machine can promote bacteria growth. Because of the enclosed space, moisture easily builds up in the washing machine, and leaving your clothes inside increases the chance of mold growth.
• The moisture in the washing machine can also cause stains to build up on your clothes that are difficult to remove once they form.
• Beyond the moisture that builds up in washing machines, many machines are not as clean as you might think. When people neglect to clean their washing machines, they unknowingly allow bacteria to grow in the machine. Research indicates that many household washing machines have pathogens and traces of mold, bacteria, and viruses. While it might not be at the top of your cleaning list, keeping your washer as clean as you want your clothes to be is always smart.

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