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How to Mount a TV in an Apartment

There are roughly 20 million rental properties in the United States. Because renting is typically impermanent housing, renters need to make some tough decisions about what they do with their spaces. One such decision is whether or not they should mount things like televisions and artwork on their walls.

How do you mount a TV in an apartment? So what are the pros and cons of mounting a TV? If you want to know the answers to these questions, you're in the perfect place. This resource will help renters mount their televisions in a way that minimizes damage to the rental properties.

Pros of Mounting a TV When Renting

One big pro that comes with mounting TVs is that it is a more attractive setup. It's estimated that outside of sleeping, most Americans spend most of their time watching television.

As such, it makes sense to invest time and effort into improving the appearance of your watching space. TV mounts also take up less space than tables. It's a great solution for apartments that don't have much space. Because you can adjust the angle of your mount, it's also better for dealing with the glare of sunlight.

1. Check With Your Landlord or Property Management

Before you even begin the set-up process, you want to make sure that your rental property allows TV mounts. Ideally, your building will have a frequently asked questions page that answers this inquiry.

If they don't, you will need to reach out to the property management company or the landlord. If they do, you can proceed with set-up. If they don't, you will likely need to seek a different TV set-up, like putting it on a table or a damage-free TV mount solution.

You might be tempted to hang up the television without asking. However, if you do this, be prepared for some potentially steep fines and a smaller security deposit. It's always better to be sure about something before you proceed.

2. Find a Location and Look for a Stud

Once you have the all-clear, it's time to find a location for your TV mount. It's important to plan this part carefully. You don't want to have to set up your mount multiple times because you don't like the location. This will lead to more holes in the wall, which will require more work to fill when you leave. Ideally, you want your mount location to be in line with the studs in the walls.

These wooden supports are ideal for TV mounts in a rental environment because they're far less damaging to the wall. You can mount a TV on drywall without studs. However, it will require strong mollies which are more damaging.

The most efficient way to find a stud is to purchase a stud finder. This device scans the walls and beeps when it locates a stud. Of course, you can always go the DIY method by knocking on the wall and avoiding hollow spots. Just keep in mind that you might miss a stud if you use this method.

3. Get Your Measurements On Level

Once you find a stud, you should mark it with a pencil. Next, it's time to make sure the mount brackets are level. The last thing you want is to set up your TV only to find that it's crooked.

Get a friend, family member, or neighbor to hold the mount slats over the location you want it. Then, place the level on top.

You want to make sure that the bubble on the level sits firmly in the middle. If it doesn't, adjust the position. Once the level is in the correct position, mark where you will drill the pilot holes.

TV in apartment

4. Drill Your Pilot Holes

Next, it's time to drill the pilot holes. Make sure you look into the specification of hole sizes associated with your specific mount. A ΒΌ" drill is usually the right place to start, but you should double-check to make sure. Before you drill, double-check to make sure all your measurements are correct. Then, drill the holes and clear out any sawdust that might be left in the holes.

5. Mount the Bracket

Once you have some freshly-drilled holes, you can begin screwing the TV mount into place. Apply washers to the end of the screws to mount a TV. Then put the screw through the bracket slats of the mount.

Screw each mounting point until the mounting plate is completely secure against the wall. Then, with the help of one or two people, attach the television to the mounting plate according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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